Suzuki G13B MODEL

G13B MODEL - The Suzuki 4 cylinder, fuel injected 1300cc engine

These Suzuki 4 cylinder crate and reconditioned motors are a great match for our mini airboats. The G13B fuel injected 1300cc over head cam engine runs quiet and literally sips fuel. This engine is durable and dependable and has been used on airboats and light aircraft for over two decades. Parts are reasonably easy to find at any U.S. auto store since this engine was used in 100's of thousands of automobiles. And, as can be expected from Suzuki, this motor is easy to maintain.


Length 12' to 15'
Beam 82"
Maximum HP aprox. 90
Transom Height 14" center, 18" corners
Side Height 18"
Approximate Draft 6"
Approximate Weight 965 lbs.
Fuel Capacity 14 Gallons
  • 1300 CC Suzuki Fuel Injection Engine
  • .125 Aluminum Hull Reverse Chine Turning Hull
  • 1" X 2" T-Bar Floor Bracing
  • Twin Fiberglass Seats
  • Padded Seat Cushions
  • Stainless Steer Rigging
  • Grass Rake
  • Lined Steering Cable
  • Three Foot Rudders
  • Rubber Engine Mounts
  • Coast Guard Light Package
  • Bow Storage
  • Key Switch
  • Oil Pressure Gauge
  • Temp Gauge
  • Running Lights Switch
  • Spot Light Option Switch
  • Tachometer
  • Billet Foot Throttle
  • K&N Filter
  • Sensenich 70 inch 3-Blade Carbon Fiber Aviation Grade Propeller
  • Stainless Muffler
  • Twin Drain Plugs
Electrical System:
  • ECU Airboat Ignition
  • 50 Amp Charging
  • Slick Bottom Coating ($350)
  • 1/4" Polymer ($1650)
  • Camo ($400)
  • Twin 5400 Lumen LED Spotlights ($380)
  • Twin Batteries with Perco Off/On Switch ($300)
  • 12V Plug ($35)
  • Clamp On Troll Motor Mount ($200)
  • Camo Seat Covers ($120)
  • Boat Superliner ($400)
  • Seat Rain Cover ($65)
  • Ground Loading Galvanized Trailer with Spare, Side Guides and LED Lights ($1650 to $1950 depending on boat model)
Standard Hull Colors:

Major Brown
Major Brown

Hyper Grass

Hyper Grass

Natural Gear

Natural Gear


Model 12G
12' X 82" bottom (89" gunwale) wide fiberglass boat with 1300 cc Suzuki engine and Dragonfly gear drive.


Model 13A
13' 4" X 82" bottom (89" gunwale) wide aluminum boat with 1300cc Suzuki engine and Dragonfly gear drive.


Model 15A
15' 4" X 82" bottom (89" gunwale) wide aluminum boat with 1300cc Suzuki engine and Dragonfly gear drive.




Dragonfly .125 Hull

Features include 5 each 1" X 2" T-Bar ribs, dry front deck storage, front and rear handles, accessory rail, rubber bumper on gunwale, high sides and lots of room for storage. Every hull has a built in grass rake with step. The transom has a splash plate and heavy duty mounting for the rigging.


Suzuki G13B Engine

These new crate 16-valve G13B engines were first introduced in March 1995. The engine has multi-port fuel injection and its ECM has been re-flashed for best performance in our airboat application. Our custom header and performance muffler further benefit performance.