Robin 40

The Robin Engine

The Robin twin cylinder 40 horse 999cc can run two passengers up to 25 in deep water and up to 32 in shallows. Best yet, it averages 10 miles per gallon on calm days.


And, our custom rolled chine with a raised reverse chine ensures turn-on-a-dime performance and unbelievable handling and stability in shallow water.


Length 11' 3" and 12'
Beam 72" and 82"
Maximum HP aprox. 40
Approximate Draft 5"
Approximate Weight 500 lbs.
Fuel Capacity 7 Gallons
  • Fiberglass Brown Hull
  • Twin Fiberglass Seats
  • Padded Seat Cushions
  • Painted Steel Rigging
  • Reverse Chine Hull for Turn-On-A-Dime Handling
  • Bow Grab Rail
  • Lined Steering Cable
  • Three Foot Rudders
  • Rubber Engine Mounts
  • Coast Guard Light Package
  • Bow Storage
  • Key Switch
  • Kill Switch
  • Running Lights
  • Spot Light Option
  • Tachometer
  • Billet Foot Throttle
  • Cam Style Twin 6 Grove Belt Drive
  • Sensenich Saber Propellers
  • Twin Stainless Mufflers
  • Twin Drain Plugs
Electrical System:
  • CDI Ignition
  • 20 Amp Charging
  • Slick Bottom Coating ($350)
  • Twin 5400 Lumen LED Spotlights ($380)
  • Stainless Rigging ($1200)
  • 12V Plug ($35)
  • Camo Seat Covers ($120)
  • Seat Rain Cover ($65)
$ 15800
Model 11G

Fiberglass 11' 3" Boat With 40 Robin Belt Drive.

$ 16800
Model 12G

Fiberglass 12' Wide Boat With 40 Robin Belt Drive.




Strong Fiberglass Hull

Our custom built hull is designed to carry a load, tough enough for shallow water and is extremely lightweight. If you get stuck, simply get out, grab the front bow rail and spin the boat around. This hull does it all with ease.


Robin 40 Horse V-Twin

The Robin (formerly built by Generac) is extremely durable, low maintenance and features heavy-duty connecting rods, large crankshaft bearings and three-ring pistons. Torque moves airboats and this V twin has it.


Coupled with our cam-adjustable 6-groove belt drive, this little power house certainly gets the job done on this simple airboat.